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Pilgrims walk through the Jethian Valley near Bodh Gaya in India, along an old mountain trail undoubtedly used by the Buddha and his followers.
The above image was taken during the 2017 Pariyatti pilgrimage Off the Beaten Path.​

Inflatable Meditation Cushion

Vipassana meditation, like many other forms of meditation, is practised in a comfortable, seated position with the body relaxed and the spine and neck upright. The exact position a person can stay in for a longer period of time, is determined largely by the flexibility of the ankles, knees and hips- every person's body is different. The accessories section on our website offers various meditation aids for all preferences; a selection of cushions, kneeling benches and floor cushions.
NEWLY added to the collection is the Mobile Meditator Crescent Moon Inflatable Cushion. This sturdy cushion is comes in five colors and is designed to offer comfort and stability whether you are meditating at home, while travelling, at a group sitting or a meditation centre. 
It has three air chambers that together allow for adjusting back and front. The center chamber can be adjusted for spine support and pelvic tilt; the side chambers for hip and thigh support. 

The cushion is 5.5" (14 cm) tall at the rear and weights just 20 ounces (about 550 grams). It packs into it's own travel case: 8.5 x 9.5 x 1.5 inches/ 21.6 x 24.1 x 3.8 cm.
It comes with a two-year full replacement warranty.
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Pariyatti's vision is to enrich the world by disseminating the words of the Buddha, providing sustenance for the seeker's journey, and illuminating the meditator's path. One way we seek to fulfill this is facilitating travel to places connected with the teachings of the Buddha and the Sangha.
“Most valued was being part of a focused and committed group who shared a similar purpose while remaining respectful of other individuals. I was especially indebted to [the guide] who gave great guidance and insights… and explained relevant stories to each location. His delivery was interesting and engaging, and his volition very clear and influential. As an English first language speaker I was impressed, for speakers of other language they also gained much benefit. The medical support was also valued and timely. Also approaching sites and sits in Noble silence was valuable.”
- Comment of a 2017 'Along the Path' pilgrim 
Upcoming Pilgrimage Dates:

Along the Path - India & Nepal
October 31 to November 21, 2017


The Golden Path - Burma
December 13 to 30, 2017 

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 Check out our Facebook page to view photos taken during the recent journeys 'Along the Path' and 'Off the Beaten Path':

Pariyatti Presents... Dr. Panth

We are only a couple of weeks away from the first series of workshops and talks in Pariyatti Presents... in which our inaugural speaker Dr. Panth, a widely travelled Buddhist scholar who served as the Director of the Vipassana Research Institute under the guidance of Goenkaji will share his knowledge and insight on pilgrimages, Pāli and the Abhidhamma.
The Abhidhamma, the the third division of the Tipitaka, is the analytical doctrine of mental faculties and elements, in which everything is expressed in terms of khandha, five aggregates of existence; ayatana, five sensory organs and mind, and their respective sense objects.
April 5 - Seattle, WA: Talk on the Revival of Pilgrimage in India
April 6 - Onalaska, WA: Half-Day Workshop on Abhidhamma at Pariyatti
April 7 - Azusa, CA: Talk on the Revival of Pilgrimage in India
April 7 to 13 - Temecula, CA: Introductory Pāli Residential Workshop
April 13 to 19 - Temecula, CA: Abhidhamma Residential Workshop
April 22 - New York, NY: Half-Day Workshop on Abhidhamma, followed by talk on the Revival of Pilgrimage in India
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Recordings by Dr. Panth

Pāli Workshops

California, USA Pāli Workshops
April 7-13, 2017
June 3-18, 2017


April 13-19, 2017

Taller de pāli en español, N.L. México
4 - 8 de Abril, 2017 

The aim of a Pāli workshop is to provide greater access to the words of the Buddha. Goenkaji has emphasized that Pāli workshops such as these are very beneficial; they help meditators develop their inspiration to practice and improve their understanding of the theoretical aspect of Dhamma.

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​Learn Pāli for free at Pariyatti’s online school. We currently offer an ‘Introduction to Pāli’ course, an intermediate Pāli course - Exploring the Path - and a course called Buddhasahassanāmāvali in which the Buddhasahassanāmāvali verses are used as a basis for learning Pāli.
Renowned Vipassana meditation teacher S.N. Goenka composed and chanted these verses to express his gratitude and devotion towards the Buddha.

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Daily Words


attano sukhamicchati verasaṃsaggasaṃsaṭṭho,

verā so na parimuccati.


Entangled by the bonds of hate,

one who seeks one's own happiness by inflicting pain on others,

is never delivered from hatred. 

Dhammapada 21.291


translated by Acharya Buddharakkhita




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