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Asura cave from Off the Beaten Path pilgrimage
There is no more worldly existence for the wise one who,
like the earth, resents nothing,
who is firm as a high pillar
and as pure as a deep pool free from mud.

Pariyatti Presents... Dr. Panth

During the month of April Pariyatti Presents... inaugural speaker Dr. Panth held several talks and workshops in California and Washington. People interested have one more chance to catch Dr. Panth, a widely travelled Buddhist scholar who served as the Director of the Vipassana Research Institute under the guidance of Goenkaji, while he is sharing his knowledge in the United States this month.
>>>> Live Video Streaming Event <<<<

On April 22 Dr. Panth will give a Half-Day Introduction to Pāli in New York, followed by a talk on the Revival of Pilgrimage in India.  To watch the Revival Of Pilgrimage In India talk Live, please click the View button below at 3 PM EST.  Then click the 'Play' button on the YouTube player.
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Recordings by Dr. Panth
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New BPE Release!

Manual of the Excellent Man
Enjoy the new Pariyatti Edition of this classic title! The Venerable Mahathera Ledi Sayadaw wrote this manual in reply to a layperson requesting guidance in developing insight, clarification of doctrinal aspects, and how to advance from being a blind worldling to a wise and virtuous person, i.e. one who has the eye of knowledge.
“This great opportunity of living in the era of the Buddha’s teaching is the time for quenching the fires within. The only worthwhile task to set oneself is to root out the pernicious wrong view of personality, an illusion that does not actually exist. This task must be taken up at the right time which is now. Once the moment is past, the chance is lost!”

– Ven. Ledi Sayadaw
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"The highlights for me, were the group sittings at the various sites and the several one-day courses at Indian Vipassana Centers. These helped us bond as meditators, and anchored the pilgrimage in its proper mission.
Three one-day courses was the perfect number to balance with the excursions. Thanks to these, we could replenish energy and regain focus." 

- a pilgrim from 

Along the Path 2017

Upcoming Pilgrimage Dates:

Along the Path - India & Nepal
October 31 to November 21, 2017

February 28 to March 21, 2018

Now Open for Applications


The Golden Path – Burma
December 13 to 30, 2017 

Now Open For Applications

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Pāli Workshops


California, USA Pāli Workshop
June 3-18, 2017

The aim of a Pāli workshop is to provide greater access to the words of the Buddha. Goenkaji has emphasized that Pāli workshops such as these are very beneficial; they help meditators develop their inspiration to practice and improve their understanding of the theoretical aspect of Dhamma.

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Vipassana Meditation Mobile App iOS app for vipassana meditation

The official Vipassana meditation app is now available on the Apple AppStore. You can get it by searching for or by clicking this link from your iOS device  (Android version coming soon.)


Features of this App:
  • Learn more about Vipassana Meditation.
  • Find locations near you that offer Vipassana Meditation courses from a complete worldwide listing or map of over 300 locations spread across 80+ countries.
  • Locate Vipassana Meditation courses using search criteria such as dates, regions, and instruction languages.
  • Apply and register to attend a Vipassana Meditation course.
For Old Students
  • If you have completed a 10-day course in this tradition then you can enter the Old Student section of this App to access the following:
  • One hour group sitting recordings in 25+ different languages.
  • Play group sitting recordings with an option to log your daily sittings. does not collect this data. All logged data is only stored locally on your device.
  • Old Student reference materials to guide your practice, including the 10-day discourse summaries.
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Daily Words

Yogā ve jāyatī bhūri,

ayogā bhūrisaṅkhayo.

Etaṃ dvedhāpathaṃ ñatvā bhavāya vibhavāya ca,

tathāttānaṃ niveseyya yathā bhūri pavaḍḍhati.




Wisdom springs from meditation;

without meditation wisdom wanes.

Having known these two paths of progress and decline,

let one so conduct oneself that one's wisdom may increase.


Dhammapada 20.282


The Dhammapada: The Buddha's Path of Wisdom

translated by Acharya Buddharakkhita


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