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Chinese Pariyatti pilgrims at Sarnath Deer Park
Pariyatti pilgrims walk in Deer Park, Sarnath, during their recent journey Along the Path.

With an Eye for Detail

A volunteer's perspective on punctuation and grammar
One of the imprints Pariyatti publishes under is BPE (BPS Pariyatti Editions). We republish classic Theravāda titles by the Buddhist Publication Society (Sri Lanka), meeting current western printing standards. The BPE Pariyatti Editions are quality prints with an ergonomic page size, an easy-to-read font, and a sturdy spine. We keep the actual content unchanged, however all titles do go through a meticulous copy-editing process before being brought out.  
Barry Richman, a retired editor and publishing manager, has been copy editing on a volunteer basis for our publishing department for a few years now.
The way Barry got involved with Pariyatti was quite organic. While buying books via he started occasionally submitting errata (suggestions for corrections) of books in our catalog. Those errata were of such a high standard that we were very pleased when he agreed to volunteer as a regular copy editor. 
Pariyatti copy editor at work
In line with his preference to edit “anything written, introduced by, or otherwise involving Bhikkhu Bodhi, Bhikkhu Anālayo, or Ledi Sayādaw,” Barry has since then copy edited several titles by Ledi Sayādaw, the first volumes of the BPE Collected Wheel Publications we brought out recently, and co-edited the classic Buddhist Dictionary by Nyanatiloka Thera.
“For their clarity and scholarship, Bhikkhu Bodhi and Bhikkhu Anālayo are my favorite translators and explainers of the Dhamma. Understanding Ledi Sayādaw is my favorite challenge,” Barry says.
Working from a small room at home where he is surrounded by bookshelves, and has a working collection of suttas, BPE’s Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma, and other reference works within reach, Barry says he starts the editing process in the simplest way possible. He pulls up the PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader on his 27-inch iMac and reads for meaning.  
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Art of Living - L’art de vivre
A French translation of the classic introduction to Vipassana meditation. It is a full-length study of the teaching of S.N. Goenka, prepared under his guidance and with his approval. Useful for meditators and non-meditators alike. It describes the practice of Vipassana at length for the general reader and presents stories by Goenkaji, as well as answers to students' questions that convey a vivid sense of his teaching.
Cover L'art de vivre
C'est une traduction française du classique introduction à la méditation Vipassana. C'est une étude complète de l'enseignement de S.N. Goenka, préparée sous ses conseils et avec son approbation. Utiles pour les méditants tout comme pour les non-méditants. Elle décrit la pratique de Vipassana longuement pour les lecteurs courants, les histoires de Goenkaji et aussi les réponses aux questions des étudiants ce qui donne un sens brillant à son enseignement.
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The first courses S.N. Goenka conducted outside of India were held in France and England in 1979. Those courses, as well as the ones organized in the following years, were held at rented sites. The first European Vipassana Meditation Center—Dhamma Mahi—was established in 1988, in France.
Currently France is host to three centers and four non-center locations. There is a center in Quebec, Canada, and one as well in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The course schedule on for the coming 12 months  shows 62 ten-day courses in the French language worldwide (in Belgium, Canada, France, Haiti, Mauritius, Morocco, Reunion Island, Switzerland), as well as various one-, two-, and three-day, and Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta courses—for Old Students).
Local retailers Vipassana Livres (in France) and Source Vipassana (in Eastern Canada) store most of our catalog. Ordering with them could save in shipping costs.
Les premiers cours de S.N. Goenka conduits en dehors de l’Inde ont eu lieu en France et en Angleterre en 1979. Ces cours, aussi bien que ceux organisés dans les années suivantes, ont eu lieu sur des sites loués. Le premier Centre de Méditation Vipassana Européen - Dhamma Mahi - a été établi en France en 1988.
Actuellement la France accueille trois centres et quatre site hors centre. Il y a un centre au Quebec, au Canada, et un aussi dans la partie francophone de la Suisse. Le calendrier des cours sur pour les douze prochains mois affiche 62 cours de 10 jours dans le monde en langue française (En Belgique, au Canada, en France, en Haiti, en Mauritanie, au Maroc, sur l’île de la Réunion, en Suisse), tout aussi divers que les cours pour anciens étudiants de 1 jours, 2 jours, 3 jours et Sattipatthāna Sutta.
Les détaillants locaux Vipassana Livres (en France) et Source Vipassana (dans l'Est du Canada) disposent de la plupart de notre catalogue. Commander avec eux pourrait réduire les frais d'expédition.
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Russian translation of The Clock of Vipassana Has Struck was recently completed and is now available for free download.
If you live outside the USA and are looking to order print books, please check out our list of non-US retailers as this could save you in shipping costs.
Listen to the latest audiobook added to our catalog: Bodhi Leaf No. 72, with essays ’The Development of the Will' and 'Perfection of Energy’.
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