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We at Pariyatti feel such joy when looking at these pictures taken during the most recent Along the Path pilgrimage in India. This was the first pilgrimage organized specifically for meditators who spoke a Chinese language.
Pariyatti organizes pilgrimages for Vipassana meditators in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin, as taught by S.N. Goenka, in order for them to have the chance to visit and meditate with fellow old students at important sites in India, Nepal, and Burma, which are related to the life and teaching of the Buddha and his followers. 
The upper photo shows the pilgrims meditating at the Mulaghandkhuti of Jetavana near Shravasti, where the Buddha spent 24 rains retreat, while the other photo is of the same old students listening to a talk given by one of the participants, a senior Vipassana teacher from Taiwan.
Participants on the pilgrimages gain both valuable knowledge and experience but also contribute to the preservation of these important sites by actually meditating together in these places where the Buddha himself rediscovered, taught and practiced the Dhamma. 
Upcoming Pilgrimages
Along the Path - (North India & Nepal):
February 28 to March 21
October 31 to November 21
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Five Volumes Full of Inspiration

From our archives: a photo of a box filled with a complete set of original Bodhi Leaves. This series by the Buddhist Publication Society (BPS) consisting of over 150 titles – essays by different authors on a variety of topics related to the Theravada tradition – was discontinued some years ago. 

We recently announced the release of a quality-print Pariyatti Edition of Collected Bodhi Leaves. All 150 titles are reprinted in five volumes. The orders streamed in and we briefly even ran out of the first volume! But the presses have been running since, and all five volumes are back on the shelves. 
You can order them here: Volume 1Volume IIVolume IIIVolume IVVolume V.
Bodhi Leaves Single Titles

Newly uploaded video/podcast

Ven. Ledi Sayadaw: a talk by Patrick Given-Wilson
"Ven. Ledi Sayadaw was the first Vipassana teacher that we know of in this tradition in modern times in such detail. His great innovation was to start spreading the actual practice widely and to householders."   
—Patrick Given-Wilson
The only way to overcome ... moral failures and inherent weaknesses, is to practice concentration (Samatha) according to the teaching of the Buddha. With this mental discipline, the wavering mind and distracting thoughts are inhibited. Then the mind can be turned towards insight practice (Vipassana), which reveals the universal characteristics of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self.
—Ven. Ledi Sayadaw
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Pariyatti eBooks: a growing collection

What we love about our high-quality Pariyatti Editions is that they are sturdy and can withstand going from hand to hand. They are well suited for sharing among Dhamma friends, or handing out to family members and acquaintances who perhaps show  signs of interest in the Dhamma.
So it's true we are very fond of those printed copies, but with technology playing an important role in the spread of the Dhamma in our time, we are naturally dedicated to bringing out many titles in eBook format as well. What better texts to have on your eReader than the words of the Buddha?
Have a look at our whole eBook collection. Most are instantly downloadable free of charge, some are free with the purchase of the print copy. Formats: ePub, Mobi, PDF.
One of the titles we offer in eBook formats is Approaching the Dhamma. This interesting work includes eleven essays on aspects of the practice of the Dhamma in South and Southeast Asia. Topics include attitudes, death, emotion, social service, ritual performance, past lives, and lay meditation. 
Excerpt: Buddhist Non-theism: Theory and Application by Asanga Tilakaratna
III. A Decentralized Concept of God in Buddhism?
Although Buddhism denies the concept of God as the creator and the giver of salvation through his grace this does not mean that the ordinary people who started following the Buddha were so advanced that they were able to do without any gods
at all. As is clear from the textual and architectural traditions of Buddhism, gods have been made to associate closely with the life of the Buddha. The discourses such as Mahāsamaya and Atānāṭiya clearly demonstrate how the Buddhist tradition has incorporated a large number of Brahmanic gods into its own belief system. Usually the gods in Buddhism are ordinary beings who enjoy the fruits of their good past karmas. They do not have any specific role to play with regard to
human life. Nevertheless, there are certain gods attributed with such functions as the protection of people and providing them with help in their day-to-day life. In addition to these gods who are attributed with ordinary functions there are a few
gods, mentioned in the Buddhist tradition, to whom certain specific tasks have been assigned and these gods become very important owing to the functions attributed to them.
Three gods that are particularly outstanding in this respect are Yama, who is described as the king of hell, Sakka or the king of gods, who is the helper and the protector of the good, and Brahma, who is the embodiment of good and who plays
the role of the highest being in the world except the liberated ones including the Buddha and the arahants. In the remainder of this paper we will examine how each of these gods has been portrayed as performing a special task which has been attributed to God in traditional theistic religions.
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We will still accept orders on our website during this time,
but orders will not be processed until March 26th.

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